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The Top 5 Most Romantic Locations in China

As the 4th largest country in the world and the largest in all of Asia, China has a vast array of scenery, attractions, beauty and culture. Romantic getaway spots would not be all that hard to stumble upon in the land of the rising sun. To harness the power of romance, let’s imagine a couple whose madly in love. The sole purpose for their journey to China is to tantalize their sight, sound, smell, taste and touch in such a way that their inner inhibitions are thrown to the wind and the inevitable result is real tangible romance.

First, the couple travels north-east of the Himalayas to the beautiful plateau region of Tibet. There, they indulge their eyes in the magnificent landscape, standing atop nearly 5000 metres of earth, symbolically reaching toward heaven. During their stay, they marvel at the agriculture of the land and the splendour of the mountains above. Both find serenity in plain sight, and leave feeling replenished, having seen a true place of Zen.

Next, they make their way to China’s capital and one of the world’s biggest metropolis’, Beijing. In this epicentre for political, educational and cultural fruition, the energized couple begins to soak in all the sounds of the great city. They travel through Beijing’s high speed railway, visiting everything from palaces, temples, gardens, shops, markets and renowned landmarks such as the Forbidden City. They cap of their day with an evening of Beijing opera to soothe their ear’s craving for music.

Following a wild adventure in the city, these lovers venture to Shanghai in search of quenching their appetite. This city which has been commonly referred to as the Paris of the East, garnishes the lovers attention and they waste no time tasting the local cuisine. Traditional Chinese platters like Peking roast duck are on the menu and their taste buds come alive. Both man and woman gaze into each other’s eyes with a smile, as they enjoy their delicious meal. The overwhelming satisfaction prompts them to try the fish and crab, battered in soy sauce. They still make room for sweet and sour spareribs while they savour the alcohol, commonly used to optimize Shanghai style food.

After filling their appetites last desire, the lovers travel 180 kilometres South West to Hangzhou. There at the Bay, they discover that for the past 1,000 years this has been one of the most beautiful natural environments in China. Away from the pollution of city air, they are able to truly smell nature as it was intended to be. They walk along Xi Hu which is a freshwater lake located in the city’s historic area. The numerous temples, pagodas, gardens and artificial islands bring a pleasant smell which has equally inspired poets and painters in this serene environment.

Finally, the 2 love-birds conclude their romantic escapade in the southern city of Sanya. They have the insatiable urge to feel warm white sand and clear blue water over their skin, so they head toward Yalong Bay. At this marvellous beach, highly regarded as “the heaven fall on earth” their entire body is now awakened, they run into each other’s arms, gaze into one another’s eyes and conclude their romantic adventure with a long kiss on the beach.

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